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ProScraper is the ultimate in dust-free paint removal. Equipped with a Tungsten Carbide blade, this hollow body, ergonomic, scraper that easily attaches to most standard shop vacs. Attach it to a HEPA vacuum and you have an approved method of dry scraping under the EPA RRP guidelines. Easy and comfortable to use the ProScraper is rugged enough to stand up to heavy use for years.

NOTE: Due to supply chain issues the manufacturer has used a variety of screw head styles to secure the blades. We have seen Proscrapers come through with slotted screws as well as  Torx T10 screws.  When you receive your new ProScraper, check to see what screw head type you have.  If your scraper does have the Torx screws, you may want to invest in a T10 screwdriver (available from the drop down menu below).

Pro tip:  The screws can loosen during use due to vibration, it’s good practice to periodically check to see that they are tight.  If you do loose a screw, the metric thread/length is M3 X 6 with a .5 pitch.  You may want to keep a couple of spare screws on hand.

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The ProScraper is the ultimate in dust-free paint removal! This invaluable tool was originally designed and manufactured to stand up to the rigors of professional boat yards and marinas for scraping tenacious and toxic bottom paint from ship hulls. Featuring a hollow body, this ergonomic, tungsten carbide tipped scraper easily attaches to most standard shop vacs. Easy and comfortable to use the ProScraper is rugged enough to stand up to heavy use for years.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the Proscraper’s use is limited to yacht or window work.  It’s perfect for any situation where the chips and scrapings are messy, noxious or both. Perhaps one of our customers is best at extolling it’s value:

“Within the hour upon receiving it, we were working with it and it has done a perfect job! We are working with the Pro Scraper in many different ways. The primary job we are doing with it is removing the insulating and soundproofing in our engine room. The glue and remainder soundproofing was stuck all over the walls and ceiling. It had to be scraped and vacuumed all in the same motion. Your tool is the only one that does it effectively and efficiently. Also we are re-doing the wood floors of the old paint in the engine room and interior of the galley as well. Best tool available for this application and many others hands down!”

Tom G. Key West, Fla.

Each long lasting Tungsten Carbide blade has two edges and is held in with two #10 Torx head screws.  Once the first edge has been depleted, simply flip the blade to get a second fresh edge.  Order a set of extra blades to be sure you never have to suffer down time or the torment of a dull tool!

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Weight .46 lbs
Dimensions 12.5 × 6 × 4 in



Proscraper, Replacement Blades No scraper, Torx 10 Screwdriver


3 reviews for Proscraper Vacuum Scraper

  1. James McKeown (verified owner)

    I have used the Proscraper, purchased from SRS Hardware, for about 10 years and finally it’s rubber connection tube to my Hepa Vac wore out. This tool is the most useful tool I utilize when doing any work with lead paint and restoration of leaded glass panels or sash restoration. I don’t have to worry so much that the work site is being kept clean or the debris is falling away from where I am wet scraping. This tool is an absolute best value in any tool you will buy in the next 10 years. Very good quality and rock solid in design and function. You will be impressed. Also the price is so much a value in investment you will be amazed you didn’t buy this years ago.

  2. Hilda Dent

    Using the Proscraper with a HEPA Vac while Safe State was doing air testing for lead PEL (Permissible Exposure Limit) for 8 hours brought the numbers down well below action levels! So I don’t have to add a dirty room, shower, clean room, and be sure fellows take a shower before leaving each day. Nobody liked that idea.

  3. Cassie Jackson (verified owner)

    I bought this to scrape paint off of the exterior of my house. I have to say so far it works great. The shipping was also fast!

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