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Our unique role as manufacturers and custom window-makers enables us to offer firsthand, practical advice in selecting and installing an integrated suite of brass hardware and specialized ancillaries for all your window projects.


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Product Reviews

  • ProScraper Vacuum Adapter ($24.95)
    reviewed by Leeta W

    This adapter is the tool I’ve been waiting for to allow my Festool CT MIDI and ProScraper to work together!

    It was easy to attach and the fitting connects perfectly to my 27mm Festool anti static hose … in fact, more easily than the Festool products themselves.

    And I didn’t even think about the adapter, ie no wiggling or awkwardness at all. It just did the job!

    I’m not a pro but the owner of a tired old house that we've been restoring. The adapter will literally save me days of work and mess; I am so grateful!

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  • Brass Sash Lock ($21.60$307.60)
    reviewed by AK

    A visitor commented what wonderful sash locks [we ordered for you], so nice and heavy. They are just what I was looking for so you can't imagine how pleased I am.

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