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Our unique role as manufacturers and custom window-makers enables us to offer firsthand, practical advice in selecting and installing an integrated suite of brass hardware and specialized ancillaries for all your window projects.


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Product Reviews

  • Sarco Dual Glaze Putty ($14.44$70.40)
    reviewed by Nathan Carr

    I purchased a gallon of this earlier this year and only recently had the opportunity to use it. I heard of the good reviews and they hold true. I have only glazed one window ( two sashes), where there were 12 individually placed panes of glass. There was a learning curve, but I was able to make it pretty. I glazed it and painted it a few weeks later and I am happy with the results. I am ready to move on to the next window. Two more to go (for now).

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  • Sarco Dual Glaze Putty ($14.44$70.40)
    reviewed by Douglas Addison

    Best glazing product on the market. Easy to tool and skins over much more quickly than DAP. Paint can be applied on the glazing without a primer. Windows look like new when done. Price from SRS is lower than Amazon.

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