About Us

Company History

SRS Hardware’s proprietary hardware is the culmination of 25 years of window making experience. Starting as Smith Restoration Sash we built high quality traditional wooden windows and carefully designed and manufactured window hardware for our own installations. Our hardware set high standards for appearance, function, and ease of installation.

Following the hardware’s introduction architects, restoration contractors, and historic commissions asked if we could make the hardware in our window units available to them. We initially manufactured a few hard-to-find items.  We expanded to make forged brass window locks, ball bearing sash pulleys, stackable cast iron, and lead sash weights, stop bead adjusters, spring bolts, storm sash hardware, sash lifts and more.  In recent years we have added tools,  materials and sundries to help professional restorers and Diy-ers find everything they need in one spot.

Our background as custom window makers and now hardware manufacturers enables us to offer first hand practical advice in selecting an integrated suite of brass hardware and specialized window ancillaries for all projects. SRS Hardware continues to manufacture the same high-quality hardware as our parent company and if you have a suggestion for hard to find hardware let us know.

We also welcome inquiries from wholesale retailers and restoration professionals. Contact us to learn more about our wholesale and Trade Professional programs by email or call our office at (401) 954-9431.

The Owner – Justin Smith


Justin Smith’s involvement in traditional windows began with his graduation from the North Bennet St. School in 1985. Following a 5 year stint working for Philip Lowe in Beverly, Ma. as a journeyman period furniture maker and 6 years at a custom traditional wooden window making shop in Vermont, Justin opened Smith Restoration Sash in Providence, RI. It was while operating this custom window making shop, that Justin founded SRS Hardware as a separate company, to produce high-quality brass window hardware.

Justin and his wife Melanie love to travel and in 2016 concluded a 2-1/2 year overland driving trip through North, Central and South America and Western Europe.  In 2021/2022 along with their Black Lab Peggy they undertook a 6,000 mile boat trip around the eastern half of the US (The Great Loop) aboard their Trawler, Sabot.  They split their time between Portland, Maine and Austin, Tx.


Justin and Melanie gasping for breathe in Quito, Ecuador.