Why do you offer two different sized pulleys?

  • Good question!  Our pulleys look quite similar once installed.  We offer both 2-1/4” and 2-1/2” pulleys.  The dimensions refer to the wheel diameter.  The importance of the wheel diameter is not readily apparent, in fact, you can’t tell the difference once they are installed. The short answer is that the diameter determines how large a weight you can use in the weight pocket.  The vast majority of residential work will find the smaller 2-1/4” pulley works just fine. These are generally suitable for jambs up to 7/8” thick and for weights up to about 1-1/2” in diameter.  For larger projects with heavier sash: for example, new construction with insulated sash, commercial buildings, institutions, courthouse etc., the larger 2-1/2” diameter pulley is called for.  This allows for larger diameter weights to be used without rubbing up against the jambs.


Why a quote for weights?

  • Unlike every other item we sell, weights cannot be ordered directly through the web-site. Our simple shipping quote form on the weight page gives us all the information we need to shop your shipping quote around, ensuring the very best price for you (the shipping cost is not insignificant in these orders).  Having one simple form reduces the wasted time of back and forth calls and emails trying to determine the number of relevant factors such as availability of loading dock, zip code, contact phone number etc.


Do you make your own hardware?

  • It’s a point of pride for SRS that we manufacture the vast majority of our products and unlike many hardware retailers, we do not rely on third party suppliers and dropshipping.  Our web-site clearly indicates the few items that are not of our manufacture (although we keep a large inventory of those items on hand as well so that orders can go out in one rapid shipment).


What’s your lead time for orders?

  • We keep a significant inventory of every item in stock with the result that our shipping turn-around time is generally 1 – 2 business days, tops. However, some large orders that require palletizing and travel as truck freight (such as multi-thousand pound orders for weights) do require an additional day or so for shipment preparation.


Why do you charge a restocking fee?

  • We charge a 20% restocking fee on returned orders. This fee to covers the cost of receiving the returned items, inspecting them and putting them back into inventory.


What’s your shipping speed?

  • We keep a significant inventory of every item in stock and orders typically ship within one or two business days. SRS Hardware offers a number of shipping options that will be presented to you during the checkout process so you can choose the service that gets you the items you need when you need them. Occasionally, when unexpected and unusually large orders are received, we do find ourselves temporarily out of stock. In these cases, we make it a priority to manufacture those items and replenish that stock as soon as possible.