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Note: As of 10/8/19 We have very limited stock. Please call to see if we can  fill your order.

Use: Storm Stays pull storm windows tight against the window frame, making a draft free fit. The quick release feature allows for ventilation by propping the sash open. Storm Stays are superior to the common practice of fixing the storms in place, which greatly limits their utility.

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Note: Install as pairs for storm window stability

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Note: As of 10/8/19 We have very limited stock. Please call to see if we can  fill your order.

Our solid stainless steel storm window stays improve the efficiency of wooden storm windows by pulling them tight to the window frame.  The benefits are multifold: reducing drafts, increasing insulation and sound reduction as well as adding another layer of security,

Home-owners have used multiple methods to secure storm windows over the years with varying success. These include hook and eye combinations, turn buttons and even screwing the storms on from the exterior. Some of these means work ok, some don’t and some – as in the case of screwing the storms on – are just plain dangerous (you always want storms to be able to be released from the interior for reasons of egress in an emergency).The perfect system would hold the storm tight to the frame yet allow operation from the interior of the home and would prop the storm open for fresh air during pleasant weather. This is especially beneficial in cases where the storm windows are left mounted throughout the year.

Good News! SRS Hardware has got the solution to fulfill all of these requirements!

SRS Hardware’s storm window stays consist of a small “keeper” that fastens permanently on your window casing or blind stop.  The long “arm” fastens to the storm sash itself.  The arm slips into the keeper and its length provides a leverage to really draw the storm uptight. When it becomes time to remove the storm, the arm simply lifts out of the keeper. You only leave the small keeper attached to your window frame.

We make the stays out of solid stainless steel with a nylon washer for smooth, silent operation and they are available in both brushed aluminum and oil rubbed bronze finishes.  These stays have proven extremely popular with our customers, who often find our SH B storm hangers a great match for these stays.

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$22.85 – $30.85

Package Includes

1 Pair (left and right arm), 8 screws, 2 peg nails


Stainless Steel, Oil Rubbed Bronze


Overall length 10-1/2″; Foot 1/2″wide, 1-5/8″ long; Keeper 5/8″ wide, 1-1/2″ long


SRS Hardware


8 reviews for Storm Window Stays

  1. B. Larson

    Finally, I can use my storm windows!
    My contractor recommended hanging the storm windows and bolting them to the house for the winter. Creating a hole in the new window trim and storm windows made no sense. I did some research and found these storm adjusters. They are perfect for my windows. I can open them if needed (great for the kitchen and bath) and keep them tight to the house the rest of the time. They are the best hardware I’ve found!

  2. Susan McAllister

    Great product. Easy to install. Along with hangers, these make the wooden storm system complete. Allows me to keep my storms on in summer, keeping the house cooler. Also saves cost of having storms taken up and down as the seasons switch.

  3. jo

    LOVE this product. The eye hooks on the old farmhouse we purchased just weren’t cutting it, and the original hardware they replaced were even worse. These are attractive and work perfectly. Our windows are much more efficient and easy to operate. Thanks for offering them!

  4. Hannah Purdy (verified owner)

    Love this company – quick, efficient, and great products.

  5. Dave (verified owner)

    These are fantastic stays. For my money, nothing looks better on an old house than seeing storm windows extended open. These stays not only showcase to the world that your storm sash swings freely, but these stays pull the storm sash tight to the blind stops. I love this product!

  6. Wayne (verified owner)

    Had a lot of fun building my own wooden storm windows, and these are the finishing touch. Thanks for making them available.

    They look good and work great.

  7. Gretchen (verified owner)

    These are perfect! I wish I could add a picture, but I couldn’t be happier! We have original arch top windows with storm windows in our 1880’s house. After much fussing as to whether to replace or try and repair, we found someone willing to try and repair them. The next part was finding hardware. Well, that turned out to be easier than I expected with these!! They are perfect! Sturdy construction, super easy to install, and they work exactly how I wanted and needed! For the first time in decades we have functional windows! And bonus, shipping was quick too! Thank you so much!!

  8. celia carroll

    These are a game changer! Our circa 1734 house still has many original (restored) storm windows and this elegant, functional and timeless design not only works, but is easy to install and looks original, esp in the oil-rubbed bronze. Finding this company has been a eureka moment – now looking at window stops (for windows without weighted sashes) and just came across some of the beautiful millwork they produce! Not to mention the personal customer service touch – we’ll be back!!!
    Celia Carroll
    The Old Forman Homestead
    Ossining, NY

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The order arrived this morning and we are very pleased with the quality, thank you so much! I’d happily recommend your outfit to anyone!

Best Regards,

Bradford Stewart

Stewart Brannen Millworks


-Bradford Stewart
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