Lead Sash Weights

Manufacturer: SRS Hardware

New:  We manufacture custom lead weights, round or square, any cross-section and any weight.  Contact us for details. 

We also stock 2″ stackable 10 lb. lead weights. Cases of stackable LW 10 XL include 2 pieces and are $86.40/case ($4.32/lb).

Due to the heavy nature of this item, a custom shipping quote for each order must be calculated and weight orders are not returnable. Please complete our weight request form and we will email you a quote including shipping.

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SRS offers two options for customers who require lead weights. While significantly more expensive than cast iron weights, lead is required in situations where you have very heavy sash (either due to their size, or the use of double or triple glazing) and limited room available in the weight pocket. This situation is only exacerbated when you have sash that are wide relative to their height.

The first option are custom lead weights, manufactured to your specifications.  You tell us the shape (round or square cross section), cross section width, weights and quantities and we’ll take it from there.  In approximately 3 to 4 weeks, we’ll deliver the weights to your shop or jobsite.  We’ll even stamp an identifier on each weight, group them by window opening on pallets and include a packing list to eliminate confusion.

The second option are 10 pound stackable lead sash weights . Our LW 10 XL weights are  used for large sash with a minimum thickness of 2″.  The matching stackable features of SRS lead and iron weights allows you to easily combine weights of the two different materials to achieve the exact weight you need while eliminating waste and maximizing economy.

When selecting any sash weight, the weight cross section should never exceed the thickness of your sash. Following this rule will ensure that the weights will have adequate clearance and will not collide in the weight pocket. Oversize weights can impede sash movement and cause the window to malfunction.

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    $4.32 per pound


    Cast Lead


    LW 10 XL weights are 2” square in section. Iron and lead weights stack together.


    SRS Hardware


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