Stackable Cast Iron Sash Weights

Manufacturer: SRS Hardware

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$1.60 per pound

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SRS offers cast iron stackable sash weights in 1, 3 and 5-pound increments for use in sash with a minimum thickness of 1-3/4″. The stackable feature allows you to easily optimize the weights to match sash weight with minimal waste.

The 1-3/4″ square cross section allows for the greatest weight in a given weight pocket (a crucial consideration when dealing with heavy, wide or insulated units.)

When selecting weights remember; the weight cross section should never exceed the thickness of your sash. Following this rule will ensure that the weights will have adequate clearance and will not collide with one another. This condition is unacceptable and can cause the window to not function.

If you need to determine the length of any given set of stackable weights you only need to add the 1” pyramidal top once, as all of the other tops nest into the weight immediately above.

Lengths; 1 lb weight: = 1-1/2″ L. (plus pyramidal top); 3 lb = 3-1/4″ L. (plus pyramidal top); 5 lb = 7″ (plus pyramidal top).

Case pricing assures our customers the very best price of $1.90/lb and all sizes are kept in stock for immediate shipment.

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$1.60 per pound

Case Size

Case CW 1 48: 1lb weights, 48 pcs
Case CW 3 16: 3lb weights, 16 pcs
Case CW 5 8: 5lb weights, 8 pcs


Cast Iron


All weights are 1-3/4” square in section. Iron and lead weights stack together.


SRS Hardware

2 reviews for Stackable Cast Iron Sash Weights

  1. Carl Bagala

    Project Supervisor
    We were hired to fix a number of double hung windows which weren’t operating because someone installed heavy plate glass. The original 12 lb weights were no longer doing the job and we estimated that 18 lbs of weight per side were now required. We chose SRS square stackable weights due to the limited space. A stack of 3 – 5 lb and 3 – 1lb weights gave us the 18 lbs we guessed were needed. In fact, that was just a bit too much weight, so in the end we removed one of the 1 lb weights on each side and easily achieved “finger tip” operation!

  2. Ernesto Ayala

    Project Engineer
    These weights are great to work with and come in multiple sizes to accommodate whatever loading you need. Highly recommend SRS and these sash weights.

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"Thanks for your expedient and attentive shipping of the weights.  Thanks, also for choosing a courteous and thoughtful carrier.  They worked with me to find a convenient delivery date and the driver was courteous in asking if I wanted delivery in the alley (which is more convenient) even before I had time to raise the issue. Jeff SRS Linkable Stacked Weights"

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