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The affordably priced SRS NS 01 Nail Set is made of zinc plated steel with a steel pin that won’t jam.

Please note:  nail setting tool sold as individual piece.

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The best and most durable form of weather-stripping ever devised for windows and doors is the interlocking metal type sold by companies such as Accurate Metal or Dorbin. Installation requires hundreds of small 7/8″ nails to be hammered in to secure the weather-strip, especially at the check-rails and sill. This nail set greatly eases and speeds the process.

The affordably priced SRS NS 01 is made of zinc plated steel.

Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 4.375 × .5 × 4.375 in

zinc plated steel hardened steel pin

Package Includes

1 piece


SRS Hardware


1 review for Nail Setting Tool

  1. ELLIOTT STEVENS (verified owner)

    Super excited to find these! Excellent tool for wooden window weatherstripping installs

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"I received the adapters this past weekend and we really liked them! I was wondering how they would attach to the scrapers and I thought it was genius  to have it attach in the existing screw holes!  We used them for the first time today and so far so good.  We used them with no issues and they stayed attached to the vacuums as needed.  It was nice not having to stop every few minutes to re attach it.   N Rodriguez"

-ProScraper Adapter
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