Hook and Eye Linkable Sash Weights

Manufacturer: SRS Hardware

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$2.27 per pound

Case prices:  HEW 2- 24 pieces, $108.96 OR HEW 2- 30 pieces, $136.21/case

HEW 3 includes 16 pieces, $108.96/case.

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Introducing new SRS HEW (hook and eye), linkable sash weights.

These clever weights are only available in two sizes, 2 lb and 3 lb. – because that’s all you need. Linking these weights together in various combinations will result in any weight from 2 lbs up. The eye portion is cleverly made with a “pinched” section that allows the hook to be slipped on only when the weights are held at right angles to each other.  This feature means that once in the weight pocket, the weights can’t separate due to a sudden jerk or by bottoming out. These weights require a weight pocket width of no less than 1-3/4″.

Another terrific aspect of these weights is that unlike solid sash weights, the stack is “articulated” – that is you can snake a long weight through a small weight pocket cover.

SRS HEW weights are only available by the case.

Keeping a few cases of our HEW weights on hand along with our ½ lb. AOW (add on weights) – in your shop or on the truck – will ensure that you don’t get caught short on your next project.


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    $2.20 per pound

    Case Size

    HEW 2, 30 pcs/case and HEW 3, 21 pcs/case


    Cast Iron


    2 lb 5-3/4" x ~1-3/4" dia
    3 lb 7-3/8" x ~1-3/4" dia.


    SRS Hardware


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    Thanks for your personal follow up and believe me, your products are amazingly amazing, wow, look very professional...
    Cool to do business with people like you guys!!!
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    Keep on going!!!
    Gilles C.

    -PBB 225 ball bearing sash pulley
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