GLR Groove Lock Round Weights

Manufacturer: SRS Hardware

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$2.28 per pound

Case prices:  GLR 2 includes 10 pieces, $45.60/case:  GLR 3 includes 8 pieces, $54.72/case:  GLR 1/2 includes 22 pieces, $25.08/case

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These weights are a vast improvement over all other stackable weight systems and will quickly become the industry standard.  Here’s why.

In stackable weight systems, the sash chain or cord (referred to here as “chain”) must pass through a hole drilled through the length of each weight and be secured under the bottom of the lowest one.  This presents several drawbacks that this system solves:

  • In the old stackable system, you must be release the chain every time you add or subtract a weight – a real pain when fine tuning a sash. By simply “clicking” together, the new GLR Groove lock weights eliminate having to release/refasten the chain with every adjustment.
  • Because the chain is fastened to the uppermost weight and subsequent weights are clicked onto that one, you avoid the cost of having to run the chain through the entire length of the stack. This one change can easily save 4′ to 6′ chain per window opening. This can really add up, especially when restoring multiple windows.

Also, in other stackable weight systems, the smallest weight available is 1 lb.  With the SRS Groove lock system the smallest increment is 1/2 lb.  So if you’ve hung the sash, but it slowly creeps down, it’s an easy matter to click one of the 1/2 lb. weights onto the bottom of one of the stacks to achieve perfect balance. Similarly if a sash inches its’ way up, reconfigure the stack so it’s one pound lighter (and add a 1/2 lb. weight if necessary). Done!
The GLR weights are 1-9/16″ diameter to fit residential projects and are available in 3 sizes: 3 lb, 2 lb and 1/2 lb.

When selecting weights remember; the weight cross section shouldn’t exceed the thickness of your sash by more than 1/8″. Following this rule will ensure that the weights will have adequate clearance and will not collide with one another. This condition is unacceptable and can cause the window to not function.

Case pricing assures our customers the very best price. We keep all three sizes in stock for immediate shipment.

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    Groove Lock Presentation & Technical Drawing

    SRS Hardware GL 1 24Groove Lock Weights Presentation Sheet & Technical Drawing

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    "I was searching for an item which was difficult to locate in any local hardware store.  (Stop Bead Adjusters)  I purchased them from SRS and they look beautiful  in my newly restored window trim.  When I called and needed some additional pieces, the owner was very quick to respond and very helpful.  I was very pleased with the assistance provided by SRS. Geoffrey S."

    -Stop Bead Adjusters BS 16
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