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.Applying paste wax to traditional wooden window side jambs is one of the easiest and most cost effective bits of routine maintenance you can perform on windows. Made with the same 140 year old formulation as its’ predecessor – Butcher’s Paste Wax –  Bowling Alley Wax is the best product for the job.

Other uses include keeping the beds and fences of woodworking machinery surfaces clean, rust-free and silky smooth.  Applying Bowling Alley Wax to the soles of hand planes will have them gliding effortlessly through their work. Cracker-Jack mechanics know to apply a dab of Bowling Alley Wax to screw threads before driving them to prevent shearing. BAW is an excellent choice as a finish on fine woodwork. It’s even the magic cure-all for sticking drawer runners (Honestly, you won’t believe the results.)

Every shop, work truck or home should keep a can of Bowling Alley Wax on hand.  It’ll last you decades and will solve many of life’s nagging problems.

We’re constantly being sold “New and Improved!”, it’s reassuring to hold on to those things as valuable today as they have been for over 100 years.

For an uplifting story about kindness and integrity, click on this article from the New York Times about the sale of the original Butcher’s Wax Company. It’ll inspire you and make your day.

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"Holy Moly!!! Just got the email about the new (TL 01) Thumb Latches you're making! I'm sure I'm not the only one to send you one of my old ones/ inquire about availability, but you sure make a guy feel heard! This shows once again why I forgo the cheap imitations online for the stuff you make… forward thinking and responsive with your (re)-innovating product offerings. 5 years I've been looking for these. I'll be buying some this week! It's amazing that any company today is as nimble and responsive as you are for your customers. Now that I can get the Thumb Latches I can finally refurb the windows in my 1774 house without thinking I'm only able to do it "half way". I'm going home tonight and will tally up the quantity and finishes and order them tomorrow!Babcock Patent Lock Richard W."

-TL 01 Thumb Latch
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