Boomerang Replacement Blade

$30.00 $25.00

Achieve professional quality paint removal using our trusted boomerang paint scraper.

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Achieve professional quality paint removal using our trusted Boomerang Paint Scraper. This durable 12 5/8” scraper is designed to help you complete your paint removal projects with the highest quality and ease. The long ergonomic handle ensures a comfortable grip while the laser-cut Swedish steel blade provides the quality scraping your jobs require.

This scraper comes equipped with two convex sides and one concave side, making it excellent for rounded edges, posts, and shutters. Utilize the boomerang scraper especially when working with tight and hard-to-reach areas.


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"Hi Justin, Thank you for saving me almost $300 on the shipping, it is fantastic. I very much appreciate the help/info and the above and beyond service. I am very glad to have found you. I’m an analog man. I like dealing with people, good people. I am very pleased! Thank you very much. Best Regards, Nick "

-Sarco Putty
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