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Add On Weights for Balancing Sash, made of Cast Iron

Manufacturer: SRS Hardware

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$3.60 per pound

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Product Description

SRS Hardware has come up with a great new product, “Add on Weights”!

Have you ever been vexed by a lower sash that won’t stay open, or an upper sash that has a “mind of it’s own” and wants to slowly slip down?  This is a common and annoying phenomenon often caused when broken glass is replaced with slightly thicker (thus heavier) glass.  They are simple to install and do not require disconnecting your existing weights from the sash chain or cord.

Each SRS AOW (add on weight) ½ pound weight consists of a 1-3/8” diameter cast iron body and a CNC machined steel taper pin. The body has a ½” diameter hole through the center and a slot along its length allowing it to simply slip onto the sash cord or chain without having to unfasten the existing weight. Dropping the taper pin into the top of the slot firmly locks the weight onto the chain. Multiple AOW’s can be stacked in order to arrive at the perfect weight. Once you have removed the weight pocket cover and have access to the sash cord, installing the weights takes under 10 seconds each. We have kept the diameter small to be certain that the weights are suitable for residential sash and will fit easily through narrow residential weight pocket covers.

AOW weights are offered in 10 piece cases.

SRS keeps plenty of cases in stock for immediate shipment.

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$34.99 – $119.20

Case Size

AOW 10: .5lb weights, 10 pieces, $34.99
AOW 10 4: .5lb weights, 40 pieces $119.20


Cast Iron, Steel


All weights are 1-3/8” diameter


SRS Hardware

1 review for Add On Weights for Balancing Sash, made of Cast Iron

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    Encountered a situation where the pocket doors were too small to remove the weights, but the original weights were too light for the sash. These AOWs were a quick and easy solution to the problem. Their convenient design made it so that I could clip them right onto the sash cord without untying anything or removing the pulley; fantastic product!

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"Phenomenal...I needed a few items for double hung windows after a three month restoration. Always looking for better suppliers, I searched for what I wanted; hardware that comes from pre-war window systems and wow!!! You know your stuff!!!"

-Matthew Axford
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