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We are pleased to be the authorized distributor for two types of Sarco glazing compound. The terms “glazing putty” and “glazing compound” are now used interchangeably, yet Sarco products are true modern glazing compounds which demonstrate elasticity that the old calcium carbonate putties lacked.

Sarco Multi-Glaze type “M” – A proven Mill Glaze formula for wood sash. It is the superior vegetable oil based (soybean and linseed oil) compound. This is the best production putty available and is the same product we used for 25 years to glaze our own sash. Type “M” is a quick skinning product, usually forming a strong enough surface skin to be painted in two weeks or so depending on temperature. Type “M” is for inside shop glazing only. Meets Federal Specification TT- P-871A Type I.

Sarco Dual-Glaze compound for glazing wood and metal sash. A modern glazing compound that remains elastic. The only Glazing Compound that meets every requirement of the glazier, painter and homeowner. This user friendly putty is available in convenient, ready to use one gallon cans. Existing sash can be glazed in situ. Meets Federal Specification TT-P-781A, Type I.-TT-G-00410E.

Both compounds require painting after skinning, priming putty is not recommended.

Due to a bucket shortage 4 Gallon buckets also available, please contact us for a shipping quote.

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$39.95 – $75.60


1 Qt, 1 Gal, 2 Gal, 4 Gal

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1 or 2 gallon buckets


Proprietary Linseed Oil Formulation


16 lbs / gallon


Sarco Putty Co.

10 reviews for Sarco Multi-Glaze Type M Putty

  1. Stuart Barton (verified owner)

    Great glazing compound. Very fast drying
    Easily the best glazing compound I’ve used to date. It is definitely meant to be applied and cured indoors in a shop but it could be primed and painted by the next day if you keep air circulating in the shop. Residue can be cleaned off of glass with standard glass cleaner and dusting with calcium carbonate (whiting) helps clean the glass and skin over the glazing quickly with no cracking. It was a little difficult to get off of my headphones, but I’m not going to knock it for that.

    Putty is very soft and pliable when first opened and is more pliable in a warm environment. Storing it in a cooler area helps if you prefer a firmer compound to work with. Listening to B.B King while glazing also helps.

  2. Nicholas Bogosian, Old Window Revival (verified owner)

    Sarco for longevity and user friendliness
    When I was at trade school in Ohio, Sarco was the brand of putty we always used. When I apprenticed with the carpenters at the Historic New England organization, all they used was Sarco. Back in Texas, when I joined a courthouse restoration project, Sarco putty was specified for all 300+ windows. So…naturally I continue to use Sarco today in my own personal business. Honestly, I have never tried a different brand and with the results I’ve gotten I have no need to. Sarco feels right, tools right, and cures right. Having that confidence in a product is why I think it has been around for so long and used by so many who have a real interest in longevity and user-friendliness.

  3. David Bergstone (verified owner)

    This Works Great
    Especially for reglazing historic wood windows, this works great. Use a little linseed oil on the wood before glazing and they should last another couple decades before needing rework. After some kneading the putty can reach any consistency or be put on some cardboard to draw out some of the oils. Much better than some of the single choice ‘modern’ glazing available at the big box stores. It does say weeks before painting but like above, if there is adequate ventilation it will set up quicker and be stable enough to paint sooner. Follow directions.

  4. Hastings Read

    If I changed from Sarco Type M, our people would quit! It’s that good.
    1. The product is consistent from drum to drum – not all can say that.
    2. It tools extremely easily thereby reducing glazing time as well as making it easier for beginners to become proficient.
    3. It can be painted in 3 to 5 days, though longer is preferable.
    4. The finished window looks great and impresses homeowners.
    5. It may be more expensive but we get that back in reduced glazing time and highly satisfied customers.
    6. It can be loaded into a bulk caulk gun and applied from that.

  5. Jon Knudsen

    You’ll get your best results using Sarco
    As a face glazier for many years working exclusively with wooden, restoration style sash, I have found Sarco to be extremely consistent in its physical characteristics and ease of use. Out of the tub, Sarco’s consistency (viscosity) is very good for most applications, and the texture is very smooth without the need to homogenize any separated oil. Sacro putty’s viscosity is easily refined with a little linseed oil when needed (when working on ornate, small or detailed features). Alternatively, drawing out excess oil to firm up the putty is easily achieved by laying out the putty on a paper bag. My best glazing work was done using Sarco and I’d recommend it to anyone looking for high quality and dependability in a glazing compound.

  6. Caroline

    My first time restoring a 90 year old window and Sarco made me look like a pro. A great product. Don’t settle for anything less! Easy to use and gives great results.

  7. Burton L.

    I am glad I found SRS hardware! We are restoring 22 old wooden double-hung windows in our New England farmhouse. SRS had the materials we needed, the expertise to answer a question about the process, and shipped quickly. I had done one window with another product (not Sarco glazing) and nearly went crazy. Using Sarco, this is almost fun. We are going to be able to weatherstrip and restore all these windows for the cost of ONE replacement window. With the additional interior storm window, they will perform almost as well as a new plastic frame window and look a whole lot better.

  8. Adam Niermann (verified owner)

    I’m a homeowner and amateur window restorer. Sarco type M putty is the real deal and easier to work with than any of the stuff you can get at the big-box stores. Trust me. It’s worth it.

  9. Bruce Flavelle (verified owner)

    I have 96 x 100 year old porch windows to reglaze. I have never taken on or come close to doing a project like this ever. The You Tube videos on applying Sarco are great and I found them very helpful. I’m no speedster but I can do about three 10×12 panes in about two hours. I found application tricky at first but once you get hold of the knack you can motor along. I am in Canada and was determined to only use Sarco. The reviews on the “other” product that is readily available here were awful…plus my dad had done these windows previously using it. The reviews were right! It’s awful. I don’ t want to do this job again so I’m hopeful that will be the case. Sarco put me over to the SRS website. I quickly noticed SRS shipped to Canada. Bingo… I’m in business. My first group of 9 panes is now complete and looks great. Only 87 more to go!

  10. Mike McGlashen (verified owner)

    I heard about Sarco Multi-Glaze Type M from a local professional and he was absolutely right about this product. Couldn’t be happier. I applied to 12 casement windows, 8 panes each without a hitch and now I’m hooked. Easy on. Easy cleanup. Easy to paint.

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