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Note: We offer 2 types of putty, read below to see the best application for your project. Due to excessive weight, putty only ships to the lower 48 states. Contact us for a shipping quote to other locations.

4 gallon buckets are now available online! When ordering multiple 4 gallon buckets, please contact us for the best shipping rate.

Natural quarts start at $29.80


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We are pleased to be the authorized distributor for two types of Sarco glazing compound. While the terms “glazing putty” and “glazing compound” are now used interchangeably, Sarco products are true modern glazing compounds which demonstrate elasticity that the old calcium carbonate putty lacked.

Sarco Multi-Glaze type “M” – A proven Mill Glaze formula for wood sash. It is the superior vegetable oil based (soybean and linseed oil) compound. This is the best production putty available and is the same product we use for glazing our own sash. Type “M” is a quick skinning product, usually forming a strong enough surface skin to be painted in two weeks or so depending on temperature. Type “M” is for inside shop glazing only. Meets Federal Specification TT- P-871A Type I.

Sarco Dual-Glaze compound for glazing wood and metal sash. A modern glazing compound that remains elastic. The only Glazing Compound that meets every requirement of the glazier, painter, and homeowner. This user-friendly putty is available in convenient, ready to use one-gallon cans. Existing sash can be glazed in situ. Meets Federal Specification TT-P-781A, Type I.-TT-G-00410E.

Both compounds require painting after skinning, priming putty is not recommended.

Due to a bucket shortage 4 Gallon buckets also available, please contact us for a shipping quote.

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$14.44 – $70.40


Natural, Black


1 Quart, 1 Gal, 2 Gal, 4 Gal

Package Includes

1 quart or 1 or 2 gallon buckets


Proprietary Linseed Oil Formulation


16 lbs / gallon


Sarco Putty Co.

13 reviews for Sarco Dual Glaze Putty

  1. Jeff Snow (verified owner)

    Sarco Dual Glaze
    The Sarco Dual Glaze putty is an absolute dream to work with. Just finished 22-12 pane double hung 50 year old wooden windows and they are totally transformed. This putty is so easily worked, isn’t tacky or sticky and when pulling the glazing tool down the window, produces a perfect glaze with no pits or pulling out. Tried several glazing products before discovering Dual Glaze, DAP33 being the worst.

  2. Staub Window Restorations, LLC (verified owner)

    SWR has always had great experiences with SRS. We solely use and recommend the Sarco glazing putty for our glazing needs and we recommend their services along with it!

  3. Walter Stepek (verified owner)

    After reading online reviews of the various glazing products that are available, I figured I’d try what the pros use–I was not sorry at all. Being an amateur do-it-yourselfer, I had no idea how my project would turn out, but I needn’t have worried. The Dual-Glaze putty works as advertised, and my job came out very nicely.

    Ordering from SRS Hardware was also an easy and very satisfying experience. No muss, no fuss, and I got my order quickly.

  4. Emily Pratt (verified owner)

    I am a huge fan of Sarco glazing putty. As a professional window restorer, I always recommend it. I can’t find it for a better price and bigger quantities than on the SRS Hardware site!

  5. Jeff Hermansky (verified owner)

    I am restoring a large number of divided lite windows on my 80 yr old home. The work is very labor intensive so I wanted to use the best glazing putty and multiple coats of quality paint so my work will last. In WY we can have 100 degree or -40 degree days. I wanted a product that will remain flexible in both extremes. Sarco Dual Glaze was easy to work with and my results are excellent. I hoping with future periodic one coat of paint on my carefully glazed and painted windows, I’ll never have to restore these windows again in my lifetime.

  6. Zach S (verified owner)

    This stuff is fantastic. I previously used a quart of Sarco Type-M on several windows sashes in my 1875 home and found it relatively easy to work with. I was surprised to find the Dual Glaze to be even more pleasant to work with. While my technique has certainly improved I’d attribute the ease with which I glazed my most recent batch of windows to the quality of the Dual Glaze putty. I’d highly recommend this!

  7. Dan (verified owner)

    First time user. It worked well and easy to use. I will use again.

  8. Caroline Bawden (verified owner)

    Excellent product…..I cannot believe anyone would ever use DAP or Glazol, etc. By comparison, this stuff is very easy to use. I have used Sarco Type-M on old wood windows sashes and I found this just as easy to use. I brush Calcium Carbonate (Whiting) over the finished work and it helps with glass clean up and speeds up the skinning over process. To store your glaze for future use, I recommend pressing down the glaze flat then put a little BLO on top and then a piece of plastic wrap to keep it from drying out. Thanks SRS Hardware for making this product available and thanks for the extra little notepad with my purchase!

  9. Dale Rex (verified owner)

    I have been trying different brands of glazing compound for at least 15 years and always ended up using ’33’ because it’s what everyone sells on my area. It was never easy to apply and I always had problems painting it. I finally got determined to find something that was better. After alot of internet searching I found the Sarco dual glaze seemed to come up in most discussions of the the best putty out there. I finally tried it and am so happy to say that it absolutely the easiest working glazing I have ever used since I started working as a painting contractor 30 years ago. It costs more than ’33’ but is worth the extra cost. Thank you Sarco and thank you SRS for your speedy shipping!

  10. Douglas Addison (verified owner)

    Best glazing product on the market. Easy to tool and skins over much more quickly than DAP. Paint can be applied on the glazing without a primer. Windows look like new when done. Price from SRS is lower than Amazon.

  11. Nathan Carr (verified owner)

    I purchased a gallon of this earlier this year and only recently had the opportunity to use it. I heard of the good reviews and they hold true. I have only glazed one window ( two sashes), where there were 12 individually placed panes of glass. There was a learning curve, but I was able to make it pretty. I glazed it and painted it a few weeks later and I am happy with the results. I am ready to move on to the next window. Two more to go (for now).

  12. Brian Monticello (verified owner)

    After struggling with the hardware store DAP glazing a friend of mine turned me on to Sarco. It is SO much better to work with. Highly recommended.

  13. Layman Construction (verified owner)

    Great stuff. I use this for historical restorations and new sash replacements that I custom build. Runs off the knife smooth and easy to work. I’ve tried 3 or 4 other products and I’ll be sticking with this.


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